Print, Video, Digital

From concept to completion, E Yost consulting captures the essence of your brand in masterfully created marketing pieces.


Media Outreach,Strategic Planning

From creating compelling news releases to ensuring your message is heard, E Yost consulting is committed to your brand.


Planning, Coordination, Execution

E Yost consulting is committed to taking your concepts and making them an event to remember.

Social Media

 E Yost consulting creates and manages social media platforms for our clients with an emphasis on building fans and followers.  Our clients understand the benefits of social media, as we work together to create powerful content that stirs online movement. Our campaigns are designed to create authentic engagements with the audience-- pushing individuals to a variety of channels that support our clients' message.  

Content Writing

E Yost consulting has quality writers who understand that the content we provide our clients needs to always be factual, engaging and leaving the reader wanting more.  Every article we write is geared at driving readers back to our clients' websites.  Ask us about  how we can support your company or organization through customized digital and print magazine creations!

Consulting Services

In many cases, clients need a well thought-out plan that they can manage internally day to day.  E Yost consulting empowers our clients with plans meant to guide daily activities.  These plans provide direction ensuring we only need to meet monthly or quarterly to check in.